Do you need a new roof?

There are numerous indicators you need to pay attention to regarding your Tampa residential or commercial roofing or siding to keep them in good working condition, especially from lightning strikes. Do you have any leaks? What do the shingles look like, are they worn? Do you have hurricane damage or damage from wind or limbs falling from trees? All of these are just a few things to consider when calling us to have your roofing or siding inspected. Visit our website if interested.

Roofing leaks tend to show visibility through ceilings and walls of the interior drywall. You will notice blotches or mold appearing as a first and secondary sign of needing to take action, respectively. If not, damage to the interior woodwork or frame of the house itself could be damaged or mold could cause trouble with breathing, asthma or even be fatal. We highly recommend immediately having your roof looked at when noticing any of these signs.

Worn shingles are typically a sign of age, meaning the roof is vulnerable to leaks in the near future. A new roof is something to consider when this begins occurring. You will notice the granulation from the shingles crumbling off of the shingle and into the gutter. Checking and cleaning your gutters often will not only keep leaks from occurring as gutters aid in the ridding of excess water to the siding of your home, but finding the grain of your shingles in the gutters will tell you if they are holding up well or not.

Storm damage such as hurricanes or wind can be covered by insurance, which is a great reason to have your roof inspected because insurance might replace it with the customer only having to pay the deductible. Roofing companies such as Tampa Roofing and Siding will do free inspections to determine the general condition of your roof and tell you what your best options are to remedy the problem.

Tampa Roofing and Siding is the leader when it comes to maintaining customer satisfaction. Call us and make an appointment for one of our skilled technicians to inspect your roof. We will observe any existing damage and repair it usually within one day. Call us at 813-540-2486.